Thursday, October 18, 2018

Saturday Long Run Course Map/Description-10/20/18

Here is a link to the course map for Saturday:
We’re logging between 10-13 miles. Here’s a course description for you:
-Everyone will head NORTH along the Marina towards the Warming Hut. Roughly half a mile into our run (near Baker Street) we will make a RIGHT TURN and cross through the volleyball court area into the Yacht Club parking lot and TURN LEFT onto the Marina Promenade. This is a gravel/dirt path that heads towards the Warming Hut.
-Upon reaching the Warming Hut(roughly 2 miles), you will run past the Warming Hut and take an IMMEDIATE left to head towards LONG AVENUE. Long Avenue is effectively a short hill that heads up towards Lincoln.
Everyone will head up Long Avenue along the shoulder until you reach a stop sign. This is LINCOLN.Take a right on to the paved cyclist/pedestrian path and follow this path to your right. Stick to this path as it heads towards the Golden Gate Bridge. Make sure that you are on this path and NOT on Lincoln. You do not want to be running on Lincoln for this course.
You will follow the path for roughly 1/2-3/4 of a mile. There will be a few points at which the path may fork, but stick to the MAIN path. You will soon see the Golden Gate Bridge approaching.
You will reach a point where you can continue running and run underneath the bridge or take a hairpin LEFT and wind your way up to the pedestrian side of the bridge. You want to do the LATTER and turn left and head onto the pedestrian side of the bridge. 
Everyone will continue to the end of the bridge to the Visitor Center. This is 4.5 MILES. Stop here to grab some water, use the restroom, and/or take a gel, clif shot, etc. Everyone will turn around here and return to the monkey bars.
Upon return to the monkey bars, you will have logged 9 MILES! 
Everyone will continue running SOUTH along the Marina towards our favorite hill by the Marina Safeway. Upon cresting Fort Mason Hill, Beginner level runners will turn around here and head back to the monkey bars for 10 MILES.
Everyone else will head down the other side of Fort Mason Hill and head ALL the way to the end of Aquatic Park at the edge of Fisherman’s Wharf. Intermediate level runners turn around here and head back to the monkey bars for 11 MILES. 
Advanced and Race level runners will continue into Fisherman’s Wharf. As always, beware of tourists! Run to the intersection of Jefferson/Powell. Advanced level runners will turn around here and head back to the monkey bars for 12 MILES.
Race level runners will continue running along the Embarcadero. Run to the intersection of Embarcadero/Bay. Look for the ‘Hillstone’ Restaurant on the right. Turn around here and head back to the monkey bars for 13 MILES!

Wildcard Run (4 Mile Recovery Discovery)-10/18/18

From Coach Toby:

Whether you are cooling your jets for this weekend’s long run or looking for a quality workout to increase strength and endurance, tonight’s wildcard is for you.

Pre-run: I’ll break down “recovery running” – including debunking the popular myth that a recovery run’s sole purpose is only to well, help you recover. Not true! They can do so much more to enhance your training and running fitness. I’ll also provide guidance for all levels of runners on how to approach the workout.


This four miler includes park, city streets, and a short trail diversion at Tank Hill to capture a nighttime panoramic view of the city. Headlamps are a must! And cha ching! You’ll also add almost 500 feet to your weekly climbing totals.

Directions: Please review the route map via the posted link above.

-Exiting the stadium’s west entrance, head north and cross Kezar Drive at the traffic light into Golden Gate Park via MLK Jr Drive.
-Stay on the paved pedestrian path to the right of MLK. MLK will intersect Bowling Green Drive just shortly after we enter the park.
-Cross over Bowling Green and turn left to stay on MLK. Continue on the right-side paved path on MLK for less than a ¼ mile to 7th Ave.
-Left onto 7th Avenue. Exit the park at Lincoln and continue straight on 7th Avenue
-Left onto Clarendon Avenue (traffic light, busy intersection)
-Stay on the sidewalk on the left side of Clarendon
-Steady climb all the way to Tank Hill.
-Left turn onto steps up to Tank Hill. Grab a view, and maybe a team shot w/flash. ☺
-Back to Clarendon. Clarendon turns into Twin Peaks Blvd.
-Left onto Clayton St
-Left onto Frederick St
-Right onto Arguello Blvd (after passing Kezar Stadium) to get back to Kezar’s west entrance/our start.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Wildcard Run (TRIED. TRUE.TEMPO. Golden Gate Park Tempo Run)-10/11/18

From Coach Toby:
Tempo runs. They improve mental toughness. They build strength. They make you faster.

Every runner can do them. Every runner should do them.

I often incorporate this type of short tempo session into my run commutes home from work, work travel, and short Sunday afternoon or evening “weekend wrap-up” runs.

I LOVE the challenge and I really appreciate that they only take 30-60 minutes of my time. Small investment. Big gains.

For those unfamiliar, tempo running (sometimes called lactate threshold running) is a type of run where after an easy-pace warm-up, you ease in to a “comfortably hard” pace for a prescribed distance or amount of time.

Tonight’s workout:

-10-15 min warm up

-2 miles tempo (comfortably hard)
-Cool down run back to Kezar Stadium (approximately 3.5 miles total)


Reminder: It’s headlamp season. The sun sets at 6:37pm this eve and will continue to say goodnight earlier each and every night. When running in the dark, see and be seen. Wear bright and reflective clothes. Run fast. Run fun. Run safe.

Tried. True. Tempo. Let’s do it!

Thursday, October 04, 2018

Wildcard Run (Chase the Setting Sun)-10/04/2018


From Coach Toby:

A lifetime of running. A few lessons learned and epiphanies:

1. Running doesn’t have to be boring.
2. Our runner’s bodies will adapt to the demands and stresses we place upon them.
3. Sometimes we get in a rut. Ruts are never deep and are easy to jump out of.
4. Mornings. The early bird gets the worm. Evenings. Chase the setting sun.

Pre-run: Coach Toby will share how variety can spice up your running life and how it might help put you in front of the pack on race day.

He will also give suggestions for runners of all levels on how to approach this fun, challenging and incredibly gorgeous five-mile run. Check out the course map below...


-Exit Kezar Stadium north towards Kezar Drive
-Left on Kezar Drive. Run along sidewalk
-Kezar Drive turns into Lincoln Way
-Left onto 8th Avenue
-Right onto Moraga St
-Ascend stairs up to Grandview Park. Enjoy the views!
-Descend stairs on west side of Grandview Park
-At bottom of stairs, make right, cross street, descend small staircase on left, make right on 15 Avenue and look for giant staircase on the left
-Descend Moraga Steps – enjoy the evening sky and ocean views
-Continue straight on Moraga after steps
-Left onto 17th Avenue
-Right onto Ortega St
-Continue to 24th Avenue (Sunset Reservoir)
-Run up path to top of reservoir
-Turn right to descend to 25th Ave
-Continue north on 25th Ave to Lincoln Ave
-Cross Lincoln Ave into Golden Gate Park
-Continue on 25th Ave to MLK Jr Drive
-Right onto MLK Jr Drive
-Stay on MLK Drive back to Kezar Drive and Kezar Stadium.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Wildcard Run (Stanyan Street Hill Repeats)-9/27/2018

Love them or hate them, but we can’t avoid them! The great news – running hills can build strength and improve speed, and help build mental toughness.

Tonight’s workout will be accessible by runners of all levels. Coach Toby will provide guidance before the run on how to execute the workout. See you there!


-2M warm up
-.2M hill repeats (Stanyan Street)
-1/2M cool down

2M warm up-

Hill repeats-

Warm up & cool down:

-We will run as a group from the stadium to the Panhandle on the paved sidewalk path that runs along the right side of Kezar Drive. This will take us to Stanyan and Oak.

-Cross Stanyan then make a left to get onto the Panhandle. We’ll do a 1-mile loop from here, running along the paved Panhandle path in a clockwise direction. Fell, right on Masonic, right on Oak, back to Stanyan.
-After completing the loop, make a right and proceed to the corner of Fell and Stanyan. This will be the starting location for the hill repeats. After the workout, we will return to the stadium the way we came.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Wildcard Run (Reach For The Beach 6 Mile Trail Run)-09/20/2018

Running with your teammates, catching the setting sun on the mighty Pacific, who could possibly miss this one?

Nice job conquering last week’s hills and slightly technical trails. Tonight we’re back in Golden Gate Park for a far easier jaunt, and one that will let us focus on improving our trail running form, speed and technique.

If you are new to trail running, this is the perfect primer. Beginner or veteran, Coach Toby (aka Trailblazing Toby) can answer any questions you have about trail running.
Please review the route map via the posted link. This is a simple out and back, east to west/west to east course.


-Exiting the stadium’s west entrance, we’ll cross Kezar Drive at the traffic light and head into Golden Gate Park on MLK Jr Drive.

-Stay on the paved pedestrian path to the right of MLK. MLK will intersect Bowling Green Drive just shortly after we enter the park.

-Cross over Bowling Green (on right) and turn left to stay on MLK.

-Continue on the right side paved path on MLK all the way to 19th Ave/Crossover Drive. This is a multi-lane traffic light controlled intersection. Be alert!

-Cross through the intersection and continue on MLK.

-Immediately thereafter, MLK will intersect with Transverse Dr (right side). Make a left here at the pedestrian crosswalk to transition over to the paved path on the left side of MLK.

-After crossing MLK turn right and immediately look for a dirt trail entrance on your left. We’ll try to put some chalk down here for you.

-You’ll run along this trail until its very end. It runs parallel and in-between Lincoln Way (on the left) and MLK (on the right).

-You’ll cross over 25th Avenue at Lincoln Way, Sunset Blvd, and Chain of Lakes Drive.

-The trail ends at Lincoln Drive and MLK Jr. Drive. From here, continue west to the Great Highway, cross over the Great Highway at the stoplight, and run up the dunes to greet the Pacific Ocean. Grab a selfie or two and say goodnight to the setting sun before heading back to Kezar Stadium.


Thursday, September 13, 2018

Wildcard Run (Yes! A Forest!)-09/13/2018

Tonight, we continue the mash-up vibe we started last week. This 3.5 mile run will include some pavement, some trails, some flat and hills, and even some urban fairy tale forest green mixed in for good measure. Please review the route map via the posted link.....Print and take a copy with you.

-Exiting Kezar Stadium’s west entrance, we’ll head south and make a quick on Frederick St.
-Right onto Willard (just in front of Kezar entrance)
-Head up Willard (enjoy the climb)
-Right onto Belmont
-Left onto Edgewood
-Edgewood dead-ends at the forest edge. Proceed into the forest on the single track Edgewood Trail
-Proceed to intersection with Historic Trail
-Turn left off of Edgewood Trail (don’t go straight!) onto Historic Trail and proceed down through the forest all the way to Stanyan St.
-Turn right onto Stanyan and run (or walk… it’s steep!) one block to Belgrave.
-Left onto Belgrave.
-Take Belgrave to its very end. Enter trail to Tank Hill.
-Climb up steps to the top of Tank Hill and enjoy the views!
-Turn around and return back down Belgrave and to Stanyan
-Right on Stanyan.
-Stanyan to Panhandle/Fell
-Left at Fell into Golden Gate Park (JFK Drive)
-Left onto Nancy Pelosi
-Veer left onto Bowling Green Drive
-Left onto Martin Luther King Jr
-Cross Kezar Dr, return to Kezar Stadium
-You’re done!!